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Social Media

Smart Communications social media team delivers comprehensive social media marketing solutions based on the goals that matter to you most. We take the time to understand your business and create a strategy focused on achieving your commercial objectives. By working in partnership we can help you accelerate growth online and increase your digital marketing returns.


Social Media


With Facebook alone having over 2.27 billion monthly users, social media is a key factor in company growth both in terms of revenue and reputation.


Social media marketing can be a challenging prospect but when performed correctly can lead to tremendous returns. Our team will help you achieve results in a measurable, logical way whilst ensuring you are building communities and being part of the conversation.


Smart Communications social media team offers the right support making joining the social revolution both easy and effective. 


Our services include;


  • Social Media Strategy Development

  • Social Media Consultancy and Advice

  • Online Brand Monitoring

  • Research and Insights

  • Social Advertising Campaigns

  • Reporting & Analysis

  • Online Reputation Management


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